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Virtual Birth and Breastfeeding Support

“I believe the choice to become a mother is the choice to become one of the greatest spiritual teachers there is."




Price: $750 (In person support is $1500)


What is included: 2 virtual prenatal visits, birth plan support, on call support leading up to labor. Once in labor unlimited text and phone support. Once in active labor, unlimited phone, text, and Zoom support. Postpartum package and Monthly newsletters


Virtual labor support is once in an active labor, a 24 hour Zoom invitation will be provide to the clients to let Kenya know when they are ready for her to see what is happening in the labor to provide suggestions such as position changes, suggestions for partners to do such as counter pressure, hip squeezes, offering fluids, knowing when to use hydrotherapy, answering any questions, etc. 1 hour post birth virtual support. 1 post partum Zoom check in with in the first 6 weeks and unlimited texts/phone calls for the 1st 6 wks.

Virtual Breastfeeding support:

Price: $150

What is included: One on one Zoom call to assess latch, position of hold, talk through any challenges, provide feedback for emotional and physical support as well as nutrition information for breastfeeding. Recognizing when an IBCLC may be appropriate and providing resources.

Post partum group coaching
Next session starts April 23, 2022

Group coaching: A three month package; circulates every three months with a potential break in between and included in the private Facebook group


Price: $597


Post partum individual coaching

Provides access to voxer and to the group coaching for 12 weeks. 

A la carte ( no group coaching): $150 per hour

Option 1: 6 week, $897 which includes the group coaching. 12 week: $1697

Option 2: 6 week price $997 which includes the group coaching group coaching and voxer. 12 week: $1997

We accept most major insurance providers. Please ask us for details upon booking your appointment to confirm coverage eligibility.

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